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21 November 2011 @ 09:55 pm
Long time no post!!! ^^; We're very sorry but because of personal and technical issues our work got somehow delayed... A LOT!!!!
This was originally planned as a birthday present for Subaru... wow we're two months late ^^;
Anyways, here you go now, Shibutani Subaru with Flat Five Flowers at SCP... finally...
Yay, new work is posted!!! it took us almost a month to finish it, hahaha... there's always something wrong with the hardsub, and I wish, you all love this result, hehe... I'm suck with Kara effect btw. For this time we bring you Duo O-gatan's song, ^-^v it's special you know, because both our ichiban sang together!!! hehe... and the name Ogatan came from this duo too. ~_^v
okey then, here it goes...

into the tomorrow continues our hope/nozomiCollapse )